ROADSIDE REVEGETATION—An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants


An Integrated Approach

Integrating safe, efficient transportation with ecological health is a crucial issue that is receiving increased attention. Today, most road projects involve modifications to existing roads rather than new construction. As roads are modified or updated section by section, a tremendous opportunity presents itself to remedy the oversights of the past, mitigating environmental impacts and improving conditions for healthy ecosystems.

The comprehensive 400+ page Roadside Revegetation Technical Guide offers an integrated approach to facilitate the successful establishment of native plants along roadsides and other areas of disturbance associated with road modifications.

The guide takes readers through a comprehensive process of initiating, planning, implementing, and monitoring a roadside revegetation project with native plants.

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The Project Cycle
Download Current and Innovative Solutions to Roadside Revegetation Using Native Plants: A Domestic ScanPDF File, which describes a sampling of nationwide revegetation practices.
View The Art & Science of Revegetation video, which provides an overview of how roadside revegetation process can be integrated in the transportation project life cycle.
Search the Resource Library Database to find practical and applied information for planning, implementing, and monitoring restoration projects with specific emphasis on the western United States.
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