An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants and Pollinator Habitat


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Roadside Revegetation

An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants and Pollinator Habitat

Draft Version 1.2 — September 2017

Draft Version 1.2 — September 2017

Contributing Authors

Amit Armstrong, Ph.D., P.E., Federal Highway Administration

Robin Christians, WSP USA

Vicky Erickson, USDA, Forest Service

Jennifer Hopwood, Xerces Society

Matt Horning, Ph.D., USDA, Forest Service

John Kern, Ph.D., Kern Statistical Services

Tienna Kim, WSP USA

Andrea Kramer, Ph.D., The Chicago Botanic Garden

Tom Landis, Ph.D., Native Plant Nursery Consulting

Lynda Moore, USDA, Forest Service

Deirdre Remley, Federal Highway Administration

Lee Riley, United States Forest Service

Scott Riley, United States Forest Service

Shane Roberts, WSP USA

Mark Skinner, Ph.D., USDA, Forest Service

David Steinfeld, Native Restoration Consulting

Todd Teuscher, WSP USA

Abbey White, The Chicago Botanic Garden

Kim Wilkinson, Environmental Management Specialist

Technical Review Committee

Stacey Armstrong, Missouri Department of Transportation

Michael Banovich, Colorado Department of Transportation

Marella Buncick, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Erin Chipps, FHWA

Cara Farr, US Forest Service

Opal Forbes, FHWA

Kristin Gade, Arizona Department of Transportation

Robin Gregory, National Park Service

Juli Hartwig, Washington State Department of Transportation

Laurie Effinger, Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Christina Markeson, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Dennis Markwardt, Texas Department of Transportation

Robert Marshall, Oregon Department of Transportation

Mark Masteller, Iowa Department of Transportation

Mark Mousseaux, Bureau of Land Management

Deirdre Remley, FHWA

Kevin Rose, FHWA

Sandy Salisbury, Washington State Department of Transportation

Nancy Shaw, US Forest Service

Scott Shields, Kansas Department of Transportation

Scott Smithline, FHWA

Ken Stella, National Park Service

Carlos Swonke, Texas Department of Transportation

Christine Taliga, National Park Service

Kelly Wade, FHWA

Cover photo courtesy of Jennifer Hopwood

Roadside Revegetation: An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants and Pollinator Habitat


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