ROADSIDE REVEGETATION—An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants

The Art & Science of Revegetation

This web site contains four integrated and interlinked modules dedicated to explaining the art and science of roadside revegetation. Each module contains similar topics, but communicates them differently depending on informational needs. You may begin with any module and continue through it step-by-step or you may use the in depth links to visit related information in other modules to reinforce what you are learning.





The Roadside Revegetation Technical Guide is a comprehensive 400+ page document detailing the complete roadside revegetation process from project initiation through monitoring and management. The condensed Manager's Guide compliments the Technical Guide. The training modules offer an interactive, guided learning experience that teaches basic roadside revegetation principals using examples, illustrations, and quizzes. The visualize tool is an innovative approach to illustrating roadside revegetation procedures in practice. The interactive tool prompts you for specific criteria about a revegetation site and your approach, and then displays the impacts of those selections over time. The online data form and Learning Summaries provide an opportunity for Revegetation specialists to share their experiences in implementing restoration projects using native plants.
Additional Resources